Book Repair

An important part of a Bookbinders craft, is restoration, the purpose being to make worn or damaged books usable again, bringing it back, as near as possible to it’s original condition, retaining as much of the original not just replacing it. The objection being to prolong their life safely.

Traditional Hand Bookbinding and Restoration is a dieing Art, it is a miss conception that a person who can bind a book, can “Patch up” old bindings.

It takes study of early binding styles and techniques. Techniques that date back to the origins of Bookbinding and Printing.

Starting with the printed pages and folding into sections, the sewing by hand on a frame to covering, using Leathers, Cloth, Marble papers.

To titling in gold. Fine bindings often-requiring Gilding (gold edges) or coloured, and decorative gold work on covers and spine using gold leaf and heated hand tools.

Still no machines are used, the change over the years is toward acid free materials.

Paradise Lost,
complete restoration as
original cover missing.


Manual of prayer. Pray book needed extensive work. As had only sentimental value.

An acid free box of the same character was made to house it.